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I assure you that Steve Doonan was serious when he suggested putting
Glaucidium palmatum seeds in the TANK of the toilet to wash out the
inhibitors. Another method that he suggested was putting them (in a bag o=f
course) into a stream, which not everyone has handy, but I would venture =to
say that most people in this country now have indoor plumbing. That is no=t to
say that the detergent wash would not work as well, or better. It did sta=rt,
though, as a serious suggestion.


"George R Stilwell, Jr." wrote:

> Norma and Lois,
> I suggest that you look in the Arisaema-L archives. Search on "seed
> germination". You
> will find everything you need to know about the two well tested
> procedures.
> The toilet bowl bit is a gag. A simple wash in detergent or an overnigh=t
> soak in water is all
> that is needed. I believe the "commercial" method is also on the Arisae=ma
> Page.
> Archives:
> Arisaema Page:
> You will also find germination rates for the species that you are
> currently trying in
> the archives.
> Ray
> <GRSJr at>
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