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Fri Feb 18 15:10:54 CET 2000

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Fellow AEGers
Despite my occasional on line whining, we once again have had an
excellent variety of seeds donated to this years exchange. I thank also
those of you who , in the current absence of seed to donate,  have sent
monetary donations to cover costs. Many sent notes to say that they look
forward to donating seed as the plants, grown from seed received from
the AEG,  mature and produce seed.
This year I have allowed myself the luxury of waiting to do a
genus species variety spread sheet until this weekend. The three pledged
donations yet to arrive can be integrated as they arrive.
Although actual quantity of seed is down, drought and poor seed
yields,  we have interesting introductions this year, and handsome
donations from many members new to the AEG since last years Seedx.
Time to put the leaves in my dining room table to allow for the
ordered chaos of dividing and packaging the seed, and call on those once
again who have helped so generously with previous SEEDXes.
More soon

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