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I've been trying this. A.candidisimmum refridgerated Aug,Sept. - Oct,Nov.=and
put bare bulbed in under light culture with orchids (getting only a misti=ng
every day and drying out by nightfall, along with lots of light, are now
sprouting. No waiting until July. Did this last year in March when I got =them
from Ellen Hornig. (Oh yeah, triphyllums taken out at Decembers end are a=lready
in bloom for a week now.) Others kept dry at room temp storage in dark
(stewardsonii) are now starting and I will keep you informed on tortuosum=,
consanguineum, flavum, and some recent Chen Yi acquisitions such as saxat=ile and
the whole erubescens complex that are pointing also. The
elephas-wilsonii-utile-handelii group seem to be resistant to this treatm=ent and
indeed I have been wrapping them up in tissue paper "hersheys-kisses" sty=le and
putting back into the fridge. They may come from much colder climes.
Although candidisimum tubers may look like the subtropical callas in natu=re they
come from colder areas.
I've just checked my cluster of tortuosums in soil in a clay pot under my=desk
here in my office and there always seems to be moisture under the bulbs w=hen I
prod to check. The may still be "curing". Besides the excellent recommend=eations
by Andy of Asiatica check also the 12/99 issue of Natural History magazin=e
"Frozen Assets".
Bonaventure Magrys
New Jersey zone 6

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