Deer-repellant Update, as of now.

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Sun Nov 28 14:50:47 CET 1999

Deer Nina,

No deer damage since we applied Deer-Off a month ago. Repellex pellets in
place one week
now. It'll be 2 years before the data is complete. We didn't use Deer
Away since the Deer-Off
provided the same protection. In fact, I'd bet they both come out of the
same barrel.

The Deer-Off is somewhat smelly when applied, but calms down rapidly. The
Repellex tablets
are really potent. Wear discardable gloves and wash thoroughly or you'll
have a bitter taste
on anything you handle.

Otherwise application is simple but expensive - approximately $0.50
per plant. Averaged out over the 2 year lifespan (compared to 2 month
application), that
comes to about $0.04 a plant - cheaper than the 2 month stuff.

The problem is, I have no way of knowing if the deer just went away or if
the stuff drove them
away. In time, it may be reasonable to assume the stuff is effective, but
it's too soon to tell.

<GRSJr at>

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