Deer-Off Update, if available

Jack Lambert (RJL6) rjl6 at CORNELL.EDU
Sun Nov 28 00:46:24 CET 1999

Ray, sometime back in October you were thinking of trying to preserve your
wife's garden with a product called Deer-Off and promised to report back on
its effectiveness.  It was touted to be used both on plants and ground
without harmful effect and reputed to be effective for several months even
with rain.  Did you try it?  If so, what's the verdict?

Also, you were checking out a product called Repellex, alleged to be a
TWO-YEAR repellant/fertilizer,
systemic in action, and a spray product called Deer Away intended to span
the 4 to 6 weeks the plants need to absorb Repellex.  Any experience with

At what temperatures are they to be applied?


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