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Subject: Re: Questions on bockii vs. engleri


OK. Logic was a poor choice of words. However, your answer is
lucidly clear.

The pictures on Roy's page leave little doubt in my mind that the two
are versions of the same plant. I didn't know that
Jin Murata claims that Ar. engleri and bockii are the same thing.
I do wonder how he reached that conclusion.

I guess I have trouble with the fact that the holotype specimen of Ar.
is a poor specimen that everyone (taxonomists of course)
is free to claim what he/she thinks this bockii actually is.

It would seem that we're compounding the unknowns by choosing Bockii
over Engleri until it's quite certain that the two are synonymous.
But, I realize I have lived in a logical world (electronics/optics)
and have difficulty stretching too far beyond this regime.

Thanks for your explanation. We all appreciate it very much.

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