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In a message dated 5/3/1999 5:04:28 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
hornig at Oswego.EDU writes:

<< I just want to say, publically (I like to assume other people have at
least said it privately) that I will be very sorry indeed if Roy stays o=ff
the list, and very sorry indeed if he thinks his efforts to publicize on=e
of our favorite genera have been for naught.  He has done a wonderful jo=b. >>

Thank you, Ellen, for your very thoughtful remarks that reflect the thoug=hts
of many, I am sure.  I agree.  When the going gets tough -- the "tough" g=o on
vacation.  I, too, although a newcomer, have enjoyed learning from Roy, a=nd
would truly miss his postings to the list.

It's time to get back to the basics, to the sharing of all, as Ray and ot=hers
suggest.   I am awed when I read the collected knowledge of Arisaema love=rs
out there,  and truly pleased to have the opportunity to learn from those=who
have grown up with this love for unique plants.

If anyone wants (and I'm not trying to start another controversy here) to
read about conservation of CITES protected plants, the April 1999 AOS
Bulletin is dedicated to the subject.  [I've been preoccupied in the tren=ch,
so have not posted this before -- and the May bulletin just arrived and i=s
still unread!]  The orchid on the cover of the April issue is blooming on=my
kitchen windowsill just now.  Glorious!

And, Ellen, simple farmer, my foot!  [The good one, not the lame one.]

Jeanne Hannah
Traverse City, MI
USDA Zone 5b [Hellebores are blooming!  Even H. argutifolius and H x
sternii!!!]  Oh, sorry, off topic.

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