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In a message dated 5/2/99 8:11:30 AM, yu918 at PRIMUS.COM.AU writes:

<<I am not to experienced with Arisaema culture.
What is the best conditions to store Arisaema tubers when they are dorman=t?
How do the tubers know when the time has come to regrow? Is it temperatur=e

Here's one man's opinion:

The larger the tuber, the less moisture needed or wanted. Mature tubers c=an
be stored dry and rotting can readily occur if much moisture is present.

However, small tubers can be lost to dessication and need a bit of moistu=re.
I refrigerate them in slightly moist potting mix or turface.

Some arisaema tubers seem to have a sense of time, and will break dormanc=y
even while refrigerated, but most will stay dormant (although not
indefinitely) if kept under 40F. This enables those of us who grow a lot =of
arisaemas from seed to compress the growing seasons by "artificial winter=s".
I find that I can get 3 growth periods in 2 years with most species, usin=g
cold periods of about 3 months.

Check the archives, and I think that you'll find more on the subject.

Jim McClements, Dover, Delaware

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