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Subject: The Pictures

Some have E-mailed me privately for directions to see the plant that
Roy has been talking about. I'll repeat his original posting with a few

<I have some new pictures from Wilbert Hetterscheid posted on the A.
<page on the Arisaema site. He believes that Chen Yi's A.
<is a green-spathed form of A. bockii/engleri, and that her A. sikokianum
<offering is a purple-spathed form of the same.

<Find them at:


<then go to Sino-Japanese, then to A. bockii. While you're at it, go to
<Sino-Himalayan and take a look at some of the new A. flavum additions,
<including the infamous double-flowered form.

<More to follow, and Wilbert will explain all when he returns from


Follow Roy's directions and when you get to the bockii section, scroll
down to the
fourth row of pictures. The text immediately above explains.

The first pix, 4th row shows the dark edge to the spathe but it's not
nearly as distinct as
on the plants growing here. The 2nd pix, 4th row gives a good view of the
arrangement, 5 leaflets arranged in 2 pairs at the sides and one single
central leaflet.

Roy and Wilbert have done a wonderful job, the other views (next rows)
show the "private parts"
beautifully for taxonomic purposes.

Guy has yet to comment, since his plants have not opened so far. Mine
seemed to be very slow in
getting fully open.

This kind of information is what Arisaema-L and the Arisaema Page were
developed for. It's
everything one could ask for and more than most of us ever expected to
have at our disposal.

Thanks Roy and Wilbert!!!!

<GRSJr at>

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