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Sun May 2 20:48:01 CEST 1999

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Subject: Seed report 5-2-99

The latest seed report from here.

Name                                    radicle     days     num.
leaf       days       num.
A. consanguineum                   80.0%      12           4
80.0%      25           4
A. formosanum                       100.0%      22          4
A. kiushianum                             0%        30
A. limbatum v. aequinoctiale       0%        30
A. negishii                                 66.7%      20          4
A. nikoense v. kaimontanum       0%        30
A. ringens 'Albiflorus'               87.5%      16          7
A. ringens 'praecox'                 11.1%      21          1
remaining seed contaminated
A. serratum (Korea)                 66.7%      28          4
A. serratum 'Fugi'                     28.6%      26          2
A. sikokianum 'White Cup         76.9%      30

Pinellia cordata 'Yamazaki'       100.0%     21

A. speciosum v. mirabile            All seed contaminated

They seem to be slow to get a leaf up except A. consanguineum. It showed
a compacted
small group of leaflets which has spread out now to a single larger
leaflet. One has two
quite small leaflets where the main leaflet joins the stem.
One has a single very elongated leaflet no wider
than the stem, and one has a stem with no discernable leaflet at all.

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