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>A. bathycoleum is described with one leaf only, and all plants I saw have 1
>leaf with 1 or three leaflets. In FRPS, plate 23, fig. 10, two petioles are
>depicted, it is a mistake - one more -  but 1 leaf only is mentioned in the
>description in Chinese in agreement with Handel-Mazzetti diagnosis. The
>species has a green inflorescence and a very long pendent green/purple
>appendage, the tube is narrow cylindrical and much longer than wide.  On
>the other hand, A. saxatile has 1 or 2 leaves with 5-7 leaflets (but I saw
>9 leaflets on one herbarium specimen identified by Murata in Paris). The
>length, shape and color of the spadix appendage depends on the maturity.
>Erect and whitish green when unfolding, it becomes horizontal, then pendent
>and golden yellow when fading.
>The limb is greater than the tube.
>A. odoratum has been described in 1994 by Jin Murata and could not be
>included in FRPS. I never saw this plant, there is a color photo in
>Murata's paper: 3 leaflets only and 1-2 leaf . It is compared to A.
>yunnanense which also has 3 leaflets.
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