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Wed Jun 2 20:08:57 CEST 1999

In a message dated 6/2/99 2:08:16 AM, thimble at SALTSPRING.COM writes:

<< This species has tall snakeskin-mottled stems at least to 60cm. one
sometimes two   classic radiatisect leaves with narrow, numerous, leaflets
(varies from 9to 29 on seven plants that I forced for IDing)  Each leaflet
ends in a7-10cm drooping thread like tip.Spathe brownish with lid which
terminates with a thread like tip.  Spadix is mottled brown and is like a
fattened tongue depressor.  >>


The leaflet pattern puts it in section Sinarisaema, and the one that fits
best to me is A. taiwanense with the stem mottling and flattened spadix. The
clincher is if the spadix-appendage is rugose. Also, the spathe in taiwanense
should be a fairly dark reddish-brown. However, if it is consanguineum, Guy
Gusman reports in his recent paper on Sinarisaema that up to 31 leaflets have
been recorded.


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