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Greg Ruckert greg at EZI-LEARN.COM.AU
Wed Jun 2 03:23:34 CEST 1999

Hi Jim,

>To further confuse this, I just looked at Greg's pictures on his website

>Greg's photo of Chen Yi's #04 is clearly the white candidissimum ("A.
>candidissimum variety") which some of us are apparently watching flower
>Greg, if you have the names that were sent out with the plants in your
>photos, and not just the numbers, it would be helpful to me, and perhaps to
>others, if they were inserted onto the page with the numbers. I don't know
>what "sp #1" was called in the later list, perhaps #05? And, am I right

I had the priviledge of hand selecting my own tubers from the baskets.  They
did not have names on them - only numbers.  I keep coming back to the
original criticisms of Chen Yi that her names were largely WRONG.  They are
irrelavent.  We have also seen different plants coming out of the same

What is needed is for the "experts" to apply the correct names to plants as
they flower and have them published either on the web or in a Journal.  Then
people can compare what they have with the published information.  Chen Yi
will be only too happy to use the correct name but IT MUST BE CORRECT!
Changing to another "probably correct" name would only make the problem
worse.  I am hoping that our genetic work will cast some light on the issue
but sadly we were only able to get a small percentage of the plants when I
was in Beijing.

>I will also add that since yesterday's posting enough of "A. candidissimum
>red" is showing to mark it as what is now being called
>"fargesiifranchetianum", not candidissimum. I can hardly wait to see what
>candidissimum white" looks like!

"fargesiifranchetianum"????  This contributes to the solution or the
problem?  Could anyone fill me in as to which of the pics on my kaichen page
go by this name?

Greg Ruckert
Australian Areae Collection

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