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You are correct in that A. sp. 1 A-04 (1998/1999) was identified last year
as A. saxitale.  Someone recently reported that as A. bathycoleum although
I can't find a copy of the post.  Let me however submit the following for
consideration.  According to the drawing in Flora of China, the spadix in
A. saxitale is held upward.  The spadix in A. bathycoleum is strongly
pendant. In our plants of A. sp. 1 (A-04), the spathe is strongly pendant
even upon opening of the flower.  Plants of this that were planted in our
garden last year have the same pendant spadix that reaches 6-9" (15-24cm)

In the drawing in Flora of China, it shows A. bathycoleum with two leaves
and A. saxitale with one leaf.  All plants of A-04 have two leaves.

I'm certainly no taxonomist, but this seems pretty simple that it cannot
be A. saxitale.  A. odoratum is not pictured in the Flora of China, so I
don't have any reference regarding this possibility.

I agree that the "A" numbers do change from plant to plant and are not
reliable as identification.  I'm not sure their is a good
solution...possibly including the Name, #, and year purchased would be as
good as we could do.

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