A. verrucosum, A. utile, A. griffithii, & vars.

Wilbert Hetterscheid hetter at WORLDONLINE.NL
Sat Feb 13 10:30:02 CET 1999

In order to help add some to the confusion about my photos: I BOUGHT them as
Ar. griffithii, and I thought they might be Ar. verrucosum (taking it for
granted at that momtn that Ar. verrucosum was a good species). If Guy thinks
they represent A. griffithii in it's appearance with the narower spathe than
in var. pradhanii, then that is fine with me. The peduncle and petioles of
my plant were slightly verrucose, hence my identification as Ar. verrucosum.
Anybody losing track now completely? Congrats!!!!!


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Van: Roy Herold <rrh at GENESIS.NRED.MA.US>
Datum: zaterdag 13 februari 1999 1:47
Onderwerp: Re: A. verrucosum, A. utile, A. griffithii, & vars.

>I think you misunderstood my question; Wilbert had labeled his pictures as
>Arisaema (griffithii) cf. verrucosum. This is quite a different beast
>nomenclature-wise from A. griffithii v. verrucosum (I think...). Hence my
>Any further thoughts? Guy?

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