Do Deer Eat Arisaemae?

Marge Talt mtalt at CLARK.NET
Thu Feb 11 04:31:38 CET 1999

Al, Tom is right that deer can eat anything, but my hungry herd of about 20
have, so far, left my considerable number of A. triphyllum alone while they
munch happily on just about everything else.  They do not eat members of
the Narcissus family, either, but they do love Taxus and it is poisonous.
My theory is they don't eat enough at any one time to do them in...the
continual munching over time does remove all the needles on the plants,

Even if they don't like a plant enough to eat it to the ground, they will
take a taste, just to make sure they don't like it.    Other than
Narcissus, Arisaema and the larger ornamental grasses, I don't know of
anything they won't eat...and they might even try those if in the mood.  No
plant is safe from bambi.

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> From: Al Wootten <awootten at NRAO.EDU>
> Date: Wednesday, February 10, 1999 2:30 PM
> One wouldn't want to move to a new property where one's favorite plants
> didn't stand a chance against the deer.  A friend was advising me on a
> very short list of deer-tolerant plants but she didn't know whether they
> ate arisaemae.  Does anyone on the list?
> Clear skies,
> Al
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