1999 Seed Distribution Labels

Brian Cook bcook at INTERLOG.COM
Tue Feb 9 16:34:11 CET 1999

It was pointed out to me yesterday that one of the members was using the
labels from the seed packet to apply to the growing pot as identification.
While this is an excellent idea, I would like to point out that the labels
were printed on an ink jet printer and that ink is very water soluble and
you run the risk of having the ink run and the information disappear.

If you are thinking about trying this yourself I would recommend that you
experiment a little first, you may want to try some sort of fixative
available at an art supply outlet or simply cover the label with some
transparent adhesive tape or something. Br careful with trying any spray on
fixatives though, it has been my experience that the few I tried have also
caused the ink to run.

I would hate to see anyone in the position of having many pots of
unidentifiable seedlings to try and sort out. Hopefully by the time the
seedex rolls around next year I will have a laser printer and this will no
longer be a concern but in the mean time please, do not use the labels as
your only means of identification.

Brian Cook

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