Nancy Greenwood nlhg at JUNO.COM
Wed Feb 3 21:14:44 CET 1999

On Sun, 31 Jan 1999 10:30:52 -0500 craig stubbs <craigs at ICAN.NET> writes:
>    Hello All
>            Most of the seed shares have gone out over the last week
>with the balance soon to leave my dining room table .
>            Included in the envelope is your "Personal Reply Card".
>Please put your name on it, fill in the Genus,  Species, Subspecies,
>Donor  ..WITH NUMBER(*) of what you received. Return it to me by
>mail (no email please).  Brian Cook and I will record what you have
>received.  I have the records, on paper, from last year.  These
>will facilitate sending each of you an increasingly wider variety of
>species each year.
>            If all goes well it is my hope to offer you, at least the
>donors, a choice next year.
>            Although this year started off very slow, I received
>donations right up to Jan.22nd.  The mix of seed sent out, I feel,
>even better than last year.
>            A Big Thank you to the many donors who were very generous
>both in seed and in the time spent to clean, package and mail their
>(*) N.B. The number I want is right beside the donor's name e.g.
>#105.  It is crucial you include this number i.e. #105.

Dear Craig,
I have received the above message with chagrin.  I joined the list last
year, and have awaited the seed distribution for this year.  I received
no notice of it, and I wonder what I should havedone in order to
participate.  Are there any seeds left?  What is the fee?  Because of the
very dry summer here, and because I have not had any spp. but A. ringens
and A. sikkokianum for any length of time, I had nothing to contribute.
Hofefully, I will next year.  Thanks for doing distribution, and I know
how busy you must still be.  However, if you have the time to let me know
how I missed the distribution notice and info., I will be grateful.  I
have just reviewed all emails back through Thanksgiving, and see nothing
to indicate a notice was posted...and I save everything relating to
arisaema.  Nancy Greenwood in s.e. Penna.
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