For the Turface Deprived Grower

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Wed Feb 3 19:08:03 CET 1999

For Simon and others that find a source for Turface elusive:

Both Craig Stubbs and I use "Chick Grit, Starter Grade" instead of
Turface. It works
quite well in Jim's germination routine. It's marketed in North Carolina
as "Granni-Grit"
(probably because it's crushed granite) and can be purchased at most farm
supply and
animal feed supply houses. It's used to provide new born chicks with the
grit they need
to digest their food.

Chick Grit holds less moisture than Turface, but plenty for the purpose
of germinating seed.
Some of us think this is an advantage. It's also dirt cheap (in NC,
cheaper than dirt - we
have mostly  heavy clay or nearly pure sand).

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