Pinellia pedatisecta

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Mon Aug 9 19:25:08 CEST 1999

I have equal success with P. pedatisecta in full sun, morning sun, =afternoon sun and semi-shade.  At the moment two plants have spathes =topping out at 31 and 32 inches respectively.


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Subject:        Pinellia pedatisecta

First: size - Typical P. pedatisecta has foliage topping pout =about
18 inches with the tip of the spathe to 24 inches, well grown it can top
out at 24 inches with a spathe tip to 30 inches. The spathe of course =falls
over when seeds are ripe.

Growing conditions: Mine seem to do their best in full sun-even =hot
western sun and prefer to have shade around their 'feet' along with =cooler/
damper soils. They also respond to fertilization. Even when stressed by =low
water, lack of fertilizer and other care they always grow best in full =sun.

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