Pinellia pedatisecta

James W. Waddick jim-jim at SWBELL.NET
Sun Aug 8 20:59:25 CEST 1999

In the recent discussions of the difference between A dracontium
versus P pedatisecta a few items are I thought worth passing along.

First: size - Typical P. pedatisecta has foliage topping pout about
18 inches with the tip of the spathe to 24 inches, well grown it can top
out at 24 inches with a spathe tip to 30 inches. The spathe of course falls
over when seeds are ripe.

Growing conditions: Mine seem to do their best in full sun-even hot
western sun and prefer to have shade around their 'feet' along with cooler/
damper soils. They also respond to fertilization. Even when stressed by low
water, lack of fertilizer and other care they always grow best in full sun.

Weediness; P pedatisecta is far weedier than either P ternata or P
tripartita. I have seedlings coming up in a pure limestone gravel driveway
and in any pot that has 'seen' a plant of P pedatisecta. This is not the
case with the other two. By comparison they are both sedate. This weediness
is due nearly 100 % to seed being scattered.

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