Help on identification: Arisaema dracontium vs. Pinellia pedatisecta

Malkmus, Bjoern malkmus at VERWALTUNG.UNI-MAINZ.DE
Thu Aug 5 21:38:02 CEST 1999

Hi all,

as I am just getting seeds from one of the species mentioned above I
would like to ensure that names are correctly given to the plants in my
cultivation. So here are some questions for our experts:

- Does A. dracontium have orange berries as most Arisaema or are
they green when ripe ?

- Are the seeds of A. dracontium about the size of let's say those from
Arum maculatum or Arisaema candidissimum, or only about half their
size ?

- Does A. dracontium have a GREEN fruit when mature, which always
contain only one seed (I thought this to be true only for Pinellia spec.
...) ?

- Does A. dracontium have 9 leaflets as Pinellia pedatisecta, or more

- Does A. dracontium produce only 1 (2) leaves per growing period,
or sometimes more ?

Any help is appreciated !

I fear that the "A. dracontium" in my cultivation are misnamed, as they
definitely look like P. pedatisecta and evertyhing else (green berries,
only one seed per berry, several leaves emerging one after the other,
etc.) is as in the genus Pinellia as well.

Or is it simply that P. pedatisecta = A. dracontium (I hope nobody is
going to kill me for that comment ...) ?

As I have the records from the sources of all specimens in my
cultivation, a correct identification will help other aroiders as well.
... and I was happy to cultivate "Arisaema dracontium" ...  :-(

If there's anyone out there who might have some seeds or cormlets to
share of the real A. dracontium, please let me know.


Bj=F8rn Malkmus

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