A. propinquum turned to A. ringens

craig stubbs craigs at ICAN.NET
Fri Apr 9 14:12:51 CEST 1999

"George R Still, Jr." wrote:

> Craig,
> The "A. propinquum seed (Wynne-Jones - Korea 1194).. definitely not A.
> propinquum and it certainly looks like  A. ringens... blooms from the
> Wynne-Jones 1194 yet? >>>

Before the days of the AEG SEEDX I was buying small seed shares, at big
prices, from Chris Chadwell, Wynne-Jones and the like. You are probably the
only recipient of #1194 from me. Unfortunately when I moved house some of my
developing Arisaema were left behind in my old garden, but not many. I
believe that Deborah Begley Ireland participated in these Seed shares as
well, so she may be able to help you

>>>>>  When it is not to much to ask. The normal species like consanguineum,
serratum, flavum, amurense, jacquemontii I have already. Maurice Hinterding

Picky SOB for a non contributor....., but I will send him seed (
appropriate in kind.)

I am glad #1194 is a good looking plant ,..whatever it is!!  Craig

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