Book request from China

McAlpine, Duncan G Duncan.McAlpine at PSS.BOEING.COM
Fri Apr 9 02:39:25 CEST 1999

I received the Orchids of China book today, and here is the TOC:

355 pages
40 pages of photos
20+BW illustrations - well drawn for identification usage

Orchid History and significance in the culture of China
Morphology and Biology
Geographical Distribution
Orchid Genera of China
Native Cymbidiums of China
Chinese Non-Cymbidium orchids of ornamental importance
Well known tropical orchids
Aesthetics of leaves and flowers
Cultivation and management
Diseases and pests,  their prevention and control
Nomenclature and registration
Trade and conservation
International organizations and other information

List of Artificial Hybrid Genera and their parents
Abbreviation of both Hybrid and Non-Hybrid Orchid Genera
A dictionary of Wild-Occuring Orchid Genera
Key to the Orchid Genera of China
Chinese Index
Latin Index

This looks like an impressive book, but there is only one problem.... I can't read Chinese.   I wonder if the have an English version.


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