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Okay, now I'm confused. I'll admit that when I was in Yunnan with Tony in
the fall of 1996, I was fairly adamant that most of the big tripartite
arisaemas we were seeing were franchetianum, and not candidissimum. Most =of
this was based on observations of what I was growing then at home as thes=e
plants. My 'franchetianum' at the time had come from Czech growers via
Ellen Hornig, but since that time I think some of us have decided that th=ey
are really A. fargesii. See (I
haven't changed this yet).

Of the aforementioned big tripartite arisaemas we collected, there were t=wo
distinct types: One looked like the pictures above, and was collected at
several locations, including the valley below Stone Bell Temple, on the
road below 99 Dragons, and perhaps (not sure of this) near the dam north =of
Tiger Leaping Gorge Village. The other was quite different in flower (sam=e
leaf though), and is what I was calling 'pseudofranchetianum' last summer.
See for a picture. These were
collected just to the south of Tiger Leaping Gorge Village, up a steep, d=ry
embankment by the road. I know I gave Tony a seed head I collected off of
one of these plants; I have no idea what number he gave it.

Do we have two species here? I think so. Tony: did you wind up with two
different types from your collections? My question to Guy (or any other
expert) is what characteristic does one use to key out fargesii and
franchetianum? As for stunning, I found my 'pseudofranchetianum' (probabl=y
true franchetianum) to be far more interesting than the ho-hum (but nice)
fargesii type.

--Roy Herold
N. Reading, MA

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