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If you want 'Flora of China', It's 25 pages long. Best I send it and you
refund the postage instead of a sase.
Just tell me what you want from the docs available list appended below.

<GRSJr at>

Arisaema Documents Available
* with plates
December 3, 1996

aroid.001       Aroid Subfamilies
aroid.002       Arisaema Species (latest revision)
aroid.004       Arisaema of Japan - list
aroid.009       KEY Arisaema triphyllum
aroid.010       KEY Flora of Japan
aroid.012       KEY, Flora of China *
aroid.013       Combined Bibliography (Revised 4-18-98)
aroid.014       Arisaema sahyadricum, Yadav, Patil, et. al.
aroid.015       Name and Address List
aroid.016       KEY Arisaema of Japan Rev., Jin Murata
aroid.017       Arisaema of China - List
aroid.018       Ornamental Himalayan Cobra Lilies,  Udai Pradhan
aroid.025       Arisaema, Subtile Beauties ... - Eric Walton
aroid.027       Recognized Species List
aroid.029       KEY, India & Burma, Chatterjee
aroid.030       KEY, undulatifolium Group, S. Serizawa
aroid.034       Arisaema - Alpine Garden Soc. QB 64:2 1996
aroid.036       Arisaema flavum sub-species
aroid.037       Arisaema bockii and relatives - Guy
aroid.038       Arisaema sazensoo, etc.
aroid.039       Arisaema sources on the web

aroid.042       Arisaema Citations Compendium
aroid.043       Jack & Jill in the Pulpit - Paulette Bierzychudek
aroid.045       Aroid Genera Revision
aroid.046       The Rediscovery of Arisaema candidissimum ... Jill
aroid.047       Size-dependent Gender Change in Green Dragon ..  Keith
aroid.048       Arisaema serratum group - abstract -- Murata
aroid.049       Arisaema of India compiled by Shri Niwas Singh
aroid.050       Arisaemas in the wild --- Roy Lancaster
aroid.051       Survey of Cultivated Arisaema --- Mayo
aroid.052       Arisaema flavum - Gusman, KEY
aroid.053       Sino-Himalayan species, sect. sinarisaema - Gusman, KEY
aroid.054       A. sikokianum & Relations - Gusman, KEY
aroid.055       The Enticing, the Enchanting, the Arisaemas - Rekha
aroid.056       Arisaema muricaudatum - Sivadasan
aroid.057       A. thunbergii ssp. urashima from Taiwan. Jenn-Che Wang
aroid.058       Arisaema of Japan I  - Gusman
aroid.059       Arisaema of Japan II - Gusman
aroid.060       Seeds, Dr. Deno, and Me - Maroni
aroid.061       Arisaema Descriptions - Stilwell
aroid.062       Jack-in-the-Pulpit - George & Stuckey
aroid.063       ACE China Trip =9196 - Ron McBeath
aroid.064       Arisaema, Elegant Woodlanders... - Grey-Wilson
aroid.065       My Experiences with Arisaema - Roger Hammond

Documents above are free, but postage is required.

Photo Album Pages:

Arisaema from the Garden of Guy Gusman, revised 5-8-96, Aprox. 25
$30.00 plus postage.

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