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Mon May 11 17:34:04 CEST 1998

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The seeds were planted in Turface and kept in an unheated alpine house; n=o
heat and no overhead lights. They germinated slowly and some are still

Arisaema germination 1998.
Seeds from AEG Group:
A. amurense - 10+
A. amurense v. amurense - 6
A. consanguineum - 10
A. consanguineum - 9
A. flavum - 6 - more may germinate
A. flavum - 11
A. heterophyllum - 10
A peninsulae - 3 but still germinating
A. peninsulae - 10
A. ringens - maybe 1 - moldy seeds
A. sazensoo - 3
A. serratum - 5 - more may germinate
A. tortuosum - 6 - more may germinate

Seeds from other sources:
A. angustatum - 15 and more germinating
A. bockii - one starting to germinate
A. jacquemontii - 8 - more germinating
A. sikokianum - many plants. Seeds from several sources.

Thanks to the list owner and all the growers who submitted results. Compa=ring
statistics is helpful to all of us.
Dot Plyler in zone 6b

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