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I recant !

species five started life as something akin to handeli but I think that
that mighthave been early rogues in the stock.  It is now obvious that wh=at
remains once we take those out of the equation, is largely something that=I
regard as akin to ciliatum.  It is quite unlike CT369 (if that IS ciliatu=m)
but is certaionly ciliate.  Height varies from 20-120cm tall (all floweri=ng
ones that is).  There are rogues of perhaps 5% which is a form of
consaguineum (I think) like many of the Kaichen photos that they call
something else but which are mostly consaguineum.  I have sent a mail to
Guy which I quote below.

I have posted digital snaps (not brillian) at 
you can see the spathes, differing leaves and the consanguieum rogues,
which incidentally smell of wet dogs like Trillium erectum.

Species 7, the ?Tymphonium? is now fully "in flower" it has to be one of
the most foul smelling things in the family.  It has all the charm and
appeal of the smelliest Arums but in addition it is persistant.  I cut so=me
to photograph and after two washes my hands still reek of it now.  I will
post further on theother spp as I can construct pages and take poor picci=es.

The smell of 7 is getting to me however.

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