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Jim Mc C wrote:
> I think that P. triparta
>and "atropurpurea" are two forms of the same species. Except for the col=or of
>the spathe, they seem identical.
>I also grow a Pinellia that no one has mentioned, but it doesn't really =count!
>It's called 'Polly Spout' and is a spontaneous(?)  hybrid between P.
>tripartita and P. pedatisecta that WeDu nursery was selling a few years =ago.
>Unfortunately, it's sterile and has shown no sign of being a clumper.

Dear All;
I still disagree and can send anyone a jpeg showing foliage and
inflorescence of all three that sure does NOT  look alike  (Jim yours is =in
transit already)....but still open to suggestions. It may be we are growi=ng
different plants, but I got my atropurpurea from Tony A. , but the 2 othe=rs
came from China directly.
Does anyone propagate 'Polly Spout". I love to get a source.

best            Jim W.

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