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On Sun, 21 Jun 1998, M.Hachadourian wrote:

> All-
> Not to reopen this again. But right now on my desk is the plant from
> Ellen Hornig. It is having a bit of an identity crisis right now. Now
> what was the final decision about these plants were they fargesii and
> not franchetianum? I asked the plant but she's not responding.
> Marc
Too cute....:-).....anyway, Ellen now assumes that her plants are A.
fargesii - not because she actually digested Wilbert's wonderful treatise
on the sexual parts of Arisaemas FF, but because (a) they look just like
the plants Wilbert used to call franchetianum in his photos on Roy
Herold's webpage, and (b) Wilbert and Guy both agree (I think!) that the
material coming out of the Czech Republic (whence came my stock plants)
is fargesii.

I am happy to report that AFF, as well as A. candidissimum, continue to
thrive in my upstate NY garden.  My three robust A. tortuosum, magnificen=t
last year, are now reduced to *one* magnificent A. tortuosum (the one in
the middle of the group - no clues to be had there).

My stock FFs and candidissimums, which get dreadfully overfed and watered=,
are reaching truly astounding proportions in this amazing summer weather
(we in upstate NY are easily amazed).  The stock bed contains a mixture o=f
old (c. 1914) coal ash/cinder and nursery compost (mostly potting mix fro=m
defunct plants - MetroMix 510 + Perlite), and it is absolute magic.  Not
pretty to look at, but it works.


Seneca Hill Perennials
3712 Co. Rte. 57
Oswego, NY 13126

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