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Your ongoing description of A. "rhombiforme" matches mine perfectly. Some=how I
ended up with 6 of these; 5 have come up and 2 are flowering. It's hard t=o
tell from the Kaichen photo, but it would appear that what she calls
"rhombiforme" has the flowering stem arising from ground level rather tha=n
from well up the stem, as on our plants.

My guess is that these are part of the fargesii/franchetianum complex of
recent discussion. The color of the spathe is not nearly as dark and inte=nse
as what I have been growing as A. franchetianum for quite a few years (Wu=rdack
plants) which are also just opening. My next project is to measure the
diameter of the spadices and then try to figure out what the final conclu=sion
about that was!

I've done a bunch of photos which I'll send to Guy soon for a final diagn=osis!


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