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At 4:17 PM -0400 6/18/98, Jan Renfroe is rumored to have typed:

> Hello All,
> I think that Jim M. already asked this, but I'ld like to ask again.  Ca=n
> someone give a description of what the difference is between Pinellia a=nd
> Arisaema.

Here are some random observations I've made of the differences:

1. Pinellias never have more than one seed per fruit.
2. The Pinellia seedhead flops down on the ground to disperse the seeds,
which are still green when ripe. I know, no botanical significance.
3. The Pinellia flowering stem has no leaves. The leaves arise directly
from the tuber.
4. The Pinellia spadix is fused to the back of the spathe for some distan=ce.
5. Pinellias don't get as much respect as Arisaemas, and tend to be cheap=er.

--Roy Herold

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