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Sorry it has taken so long for me to get around to posting this,
(insert your favourite excuse here). As this was my first attempt at
growing Arisaema from seed I though I would experiment with two
different methods. After a 24 hour soak in several changes of water, I
put half of each variety in damp papertowel in  baggies and the other
half in a very small amount of peat based potting mix also in baggies.
All were then placed in the same box and held at room temperature. 

As you will see most germinated within a day or two of each other but
some were quite a few days apart. To continue with the experiment,
once germinated the paper towel seeds were potted on in granite chick
starter grit and the potting mix ones were grown on in the same peat
mix. The numbers are listed at the end of each line with the paper
towel method being the first number. These are number of days to first
sign of germination including the presoak time.

I suppose that I should also add that despite my best efforts to keep
them under control, after a few weeks of good growth (under
flourescent lights), I had a severe infestestation of spider mites get
the better of me and almost everything has been defoliated either due
to the mites or Diazanon burn. Hopefully all is not lost though, In
all that I have checked so far, there are healthy looking small corms
that with any luck, I may be able to induce early dormancy in the
fridge and manage to get them growing again. I certainly welcome any
thoughts or suggestions on the best approach to take on this regard.

I am especially curious as to how long a chilling period may be
necessary before I can get them going again.=09

On a happier note while stomping around with Craig Stubbs at my
country property one very rainy saturday, we found a couple of very
large A.triph, Viride, a few really nice purple stem examples and a
couple that were sort of halfway between what I would call "normal"
and purple stem. And not a speck of rust to be seen.

Germination Data in number of days: Where the number 0 is listed,
these have either not germinated yet or in a couple of cases I have
simply forgotten to enter the data.
Amur. V Amurense Gouda  16 /15
Amur. V Amurense Gwynne Different Leaf 16/15
Amurense        Denny 13/15
Amurense        Gwynne 13/0
Amurense        Herold   16/15
Amurense        Hornig Russkyi Isl. Siberia  17/18
Amurense        Otto Zita 13/12
Amurense        Varcoe 15/18
Candidissimum Hornig 8/9
Ciliatum        Gusman Mt. Emei 10/10
Consanguineum Gouda 11/9
Consanguineum Herold AFF 10935 EX Yunnan 16/12
Consanguineum McClements        Brown Spathe 29/0
Consanguineum Herold 10934 13/12
Dracontium      Kline 35/0
Dracontium      Stilwell 16/15
Elephas Malesevich Kangdin Yara 24/0
=46lavum        Denny 8/9
=46lavum        Gouda 7/9
=46lavum        Gusman 11/12
=46lavum        Herold Tall Form 13/12
=46lavum        McClements 0/14
=46lavum        Otto Zita 11/10
=46lavum        Wills 8/9
=46ranchetianum Gwynne 13/12
Heterophyllum Botting 8/9
Heterophyllum Kline 23/18
Heterophyllum Springer 18/18
Penninsulae     Avent AIK 150 21/23
Penninsulae     Avent AIK 183 15/18
Ringens Gwynne Japan 15/15
Ringens Kline 21/21
Sazensoo        Gusman 26/41
Serratum        Gusman GG 94087 16/18
Serratum        Lively Diebold 23/18
Serratum        Otto Zita 21/18
Sik x Tak x Sikok Lively Diebold 20/18
Sikok x Tak x August Penn Herold 18/20
Sikokianum      Galloway 17/21
Sikokianum      McClements 13/15
Sikokianum x Takedae Springer 26/20
SP. 369 Wills 8/12
Taiwanense      Lively Diebold 27/15
Takedae Springer 23/20
Tortuosum       Wills 15/12
Triphyllum      Lively Diebold  Purple Stem 20/15


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