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Dear All,

Just a "thankyou" for bearing with me over the past week or so, with my
mailing problems.

I think and hope that all is now well.  It seems that I was sending
formatted mail, colours, font sizes, prabably even flashing text, and all
without knowing it.

Special thanks to those who have replied to, no doubt irritating, mails a=nd
to Peter Frost-Olsen in Denmark, who took the time and trouble to sort me
out and even advised on a sig file, THANKS all.

Only way I could think to pay you back, in this season of leafy growth an=d
no seed, was to scan a picture or two of some nice Arisaemas that appeare=d
in the Kew Magazine in 1984.  Perhaps they will be useful for the Arisaem=a
page, hope you enjoy them anyway.  I have just posted them at


what a nice group to be part of.......

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