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Paul, Guy et al

Over the past ten years I have accumulated several arisaemas called A.
"ochraceum". The first came from WeDu Nursery in 1987, and I have also
obtained them from Paul Christian and J. Amand. They have all been exactl=y the
same, as far as I can tell. I have 3 plants at this point but none has ev=er

However, even without flowering, they are very distinctive. They are smal=lish,
have pure white stems and three leaflets. The latter are particularly not=able
in that they have prominent vein patterns, giving them an almost sculptur=ed
look, similar to the "Mrs. French" form of A. triphyllum.

I know that the conventional wisdom has been to consider this synonymous =with
A. nepenthoides, but I see not the slightest resemblance (allowing for th=e
fact that I have yet to see one in flower). The stem alone would rule out=the
synonomy for me.

Paul, I see that you are no longer offering this, but you must have seen =some
in flower while you were stocking it. You may still have some in your
collection? Has anyone else grown this plant to flowering? I think John G=wynne
had it at one time, but I don't know if it flowered.

Anyone have any opinion/experience to share?

Jim McClements

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