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Fri Jun 12 22:08:37 CEST 1998

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Subject: Summer Catalog - Paul Christian


I just received Paul Christian's Summer Catalogue (that's a Catalog, for
those of you from Rio Linda). As usual, a wonderful selection of
Arisaema, 38 kinds, and he's verified the names for you too.

There's also Asarum probocsideum, 15 Arum, and 6 Biarum. Quite a
selection for the hardy Aroid enthusiast.

Besides all that, Paul offers the best selection of Wood Anemone I've
seen anywhere - 13 kinds plus 5 other Anemone. Not aroids, but wow!

Contact Paul at <paul at> or, better yet, visit his web
page which is easily accessible via the links on Roy's AEG Arisaema page
and look at the plants.

<GRSJr at>

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