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Sorry about that. There is no Arisaema key that covers all the Arisaema
starting with ANY characteristic.
All the keys are regional.

However, if you have a clue as to the origin of the plant, like from
Japan, the Himalayan region,
India, China, Taiwan, etc., we have keys to all these regions to help you
identify your plants.
They're all available from AEG either by downloading and opening
WordPerfect files, or
by paying the postage on hardcopy. Some, the Flora of China key for
example, are so large
because of the botanical drawings that transmission is not a viable
process. I've appended the latest
list of available documents which notes those with KEYS.  Guy's photo
album is great for
IDing those plants included, gut it does cost us to reproduce. It covers
about 20 species or

Others have noticed the apparent uniqueness of first leaf. Guy Gusman
would welcome your
observations on this to add to his study of the subject.

<GRSJr at>

Arisaema Documents Available
* with plates
February 18, 1998

aroid.001       Aroid Subfamilies
aroid.002       Arisaema Species (latest revision)
aroid.004       Arisaema of Japan - list
aroid.009       KEY Arisaema triphyllum
aroid.010       KEY Flora of Japan
aroid.012       KEY, Flora of China *
aroid.013       Combined Bibliography (Revised 3-17-97)
aroid.014       Arisaema sahyadricum, Yadav, Patil, et. al.
aroid.015       Name and Address List
aroid.016       KEY Arisaema of Japan Rev., Jin Murata
aroid.017       Arisaema of China - List
aroid.018       Orn. Himalayan Cobra Lilies,  Udai Pradhan
aroid.025       Arisaema Paper - Eric Walton
aroid.027       Recognized Species List
aroid.029       KEY, India & Burma, Chatterjee
aroid.030       KEY, undulatifolium Group, S. Serizawa
aroid.034       Arisaema - Alpine Garden Soc. QB 64:2 1996
aroid.036       Arisaema flavum sub-species
aroid.037       Arisaema bockii and relatives - Guy
aroid.038       Arisaema sazensoo, etc.
aroid.039       Arisaema sources on the web

aroid.041       Japanese Arisaemas - Part I, Guy Gusman
aroid.042       Arisaema Citations Compendium
aroid.043       Jack & Jill in the Pulpit - Paulette Bierzychudek
aroid.045       Aroid Genera Revision
aroid.046       The Rediscovery of Arisaema candidissimum ... Jill
aroid.047       Size-dependent Gender Change in Green Dragon ..  Keith
aroid.048       Arisaema serratum group - abstract -- Murata
aroid.049       Arisaema of India compiled by Shri Niwas Singh
aroid.050       Arisaemas in the wild --- Roy Lancaster
aroid.051       Survey of Cultivated Arisaema --- Mayo
aroid.052       Arisaema flavum - Gusman, KEY
aroid.053       Sino-Himalayan species, sect. sinarisaema - Gusman, KEY
aroid.054       A. sikokianum & Relations - Gusman, KEY
aroid.055       The Enticing, the Enchanting, the Arisaemas - Rekha
aroid.056       Arisaema muricaudatum - Sivadasan
aroid.057       A. thunbergii ssp. urashima from Taiwan. Jenn-Che Wang
aroid.058       Arisaema of Japan I  - Gusman
aroid.059       Arisaema of Japan II - Gusman
aroid.060       Seeds, Dr. Denno, and Me - Maroni
aroid.061       Arisaema Descriptions - Stilwell
aroid.062       Jack-in-the-Pulpit - George & Stuckey
aroid.063       ACE China Trip =9196 - Ron McBeath

Documents above are free, but postage is required.

Photo Album Pages:

Arisaema from the Garden of Guy Gusman, revised 5-8-96, Aprox. 25
$30.00 plus postage.

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