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Wed Feb 11 21:03:42 CET 1998

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Subject: AEG Seedex

Many of you have expressed your pleasure with the seed you received in
the AEG Seedex
and your thanks for the tremendous effort by Craig Stubbs and his

It's time now to consider that Craig and I have provided the means for
meeting the expenses
associated with AEG and the Seedex. Many of you have already contributed
to the cause,
I ask those who have not donated to please do so. For your information,
past donations have run
from $10 to $100 and 30 people contributed the wonderful array of seed.
The cost of the Seedex alone was  272.65 C$ and we spend about 2 US$ per
new member
on the documents and mailing.

AEG membership has grown from 65 to 116 this year with members
scattered from Alaska, to Sweden, to Hong Kong, to Australia and New
Last year your generosity let us run in the black for a whole year, but
now we need some help again.
Please send your contributions either to me or to Craig.

<GRSJr at>

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