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>I routinely soak fleshy seed like arum, cyclamen, arisaema,
alstroemeria, etc. in dilute seaweed extract and water,

Seaweeds contain natural levels of gibberelins. We routinely use a seawee=d
extract to water in the new seed trays. Some research 15 years ago at
Agriculture Canada showed significantly higher germ levels using seaweed
extracts for most bedding type seeds over clear water.  Wouldn't surprise=me
at all that the same would work with A. species.
Apologize to the group if this was brought up before, our ISP is having s=ome
big trouble after the ice storm power surges took out their computers and
we've lost some mail.

Craig: Have to second, third? :-) all the compliments. As seedex chair fo=r
the OVRGS, I do know the amount of work involved. Thanks.


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