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It used to be that I would sow all my seeds in pots.  Then as the number
of seedlots increased, the size of the pots decreased, as my windowsills
remained the same length.  Now, even pots are impossible.  I put a
spoonful of potting mix into a tiny ziplock bag (the same size sent out i=n
the AEG seedex), and stick on a label. (This has already been done for th=e
AEG seeds - Thanks, Craig).  I untwist a wire coathanger and thread the
bags onto the wire, then retwist and hang the coathanger from the top of =a
window in a warm room.  Every couple of days I quickly check for radicles=,
pull off the bags and pot the contents.  It is a lot quicker than
unfolding paper towels (I did that two years ago), and when I am away fro=m
home for a week or more, the seedlings get enough light and nutrients to
stay healthy, and don't dry out as they might in small pots. On January
20, I bagged the seeds from Greg's Gaoligong Shan 97 Expedition and
already many have germinated.

I do this only for large seeds like arisaemas.  I still sow small seeds o=n
the surface of compost in a pot. Seeds that require cycles of warm and
cold, or frequent oscillations of temperature, are kept together with the
dates to change temperatures written on the labels.

Diane Whitehead Victoria BC Canada

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