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Mon Feb 9 10:32:11 CET 1998

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I'm NEARLY sure that this A. bockii - from Moscow? - is but A. amurense. =No
wonder that it's already making offsets. Of course, when in flower the ID
will be easy.

>I just harvested a pot of small tubers of A. bockii, finishing up their
>second growing season in 14 months. (Seeds were Lambert/AEG from a year =ago).
>I noted on several of the still small tubers that offsets were beginning=to
>form. Have those who grow this plant noted this? Does it tend to clump u=p
>more than the average arisaema?  Nina? Anyone else growing it?
>The ones I just harvested will get a couple of months in the fridge now =and
>then will go into the garden in April or May. Hope to see them flower so=on,
>but probably not until '99.
>Jim McClements, Dover, DE Zone 7a

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