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> Speaking of interesting, how did your talk for the NARGS Winter Study
> Weekend go? I hear it stimulated a bit of interest in some of our
> plants.
> --Roy

You asked this question of Craig, but I was there and I feel qualified to
say it was excellent.  I'm feeling much more confident about the hardines=s
of certain varieties.  Craig's presentation was also a boon to Jacque
Armand, who had Arisaema and _only_ Arisaema tubers for sale.  After taki=ng
note of the prices that Armand was selling these for, I have an even
greater appreciation for the wonderful seed exchange we have here.

It was also a great pleasure to meet Craig.  A friend who came with me wa=s
so impressed with Craig and his presentation that she's a new convert to
the Arisaema family.  She'll be joining the list shortly.  She also made
the mad dash to Armand's sales table.

keith, zone 5, WNY

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