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>Roy Herold wrote:
>> ........  many thanks to Craig for dealing with these seeds. Believe
>> it or not, I think he counted each and every one of them, and he
>> claims to still be mentally stable afterwards.
>..........>>>>>>>>>>>Time to admit to a bit of madness........just
>enough to be interesting.>>>>>>I certainly did not count every one,
>although they were all counted. A great amount of time was donated
>freely from Brian Cook, David Harrison , and Keith Larocque. Obvious too
>is the tremendous generosity of the numerous donors, gardeners, seed
>expeditioners and nursery persons.  Thanx Fellow AEGers
>    Craig

Bet you knew how many there were ...

Thanks to all for my portion.

Kind Regards,


Rand Nicholson
New Brunswick
Maritime Canada, Z 5b
<writserv at>

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