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At 12:20 PM -0500 2/2/98, Eric Gouda is rumored to have typed:

> Dear Roy Herold,
> Did you supply the Arisaema consang aff 10935 seeds? and if so, can you=tell
> me about the origin of your plant(s) that produced the seeds. And what =about
> sikok. x tak. x august.
> Thanks in advance, Eric

Hi Eric:

Here are my relative notes from China:

Tie Jie Shan
N26=B0 45.803'
E100=B0 0.243'

10935   B       Arisaema consanguineum

Comments: This was a rich area, but a bit on the dry side, with mixed
shrubs and pine trees. It was just before the summit pass on the drive fr=om
Dali to Lijiang. Not much variety in arisaemas, but several nice specimen=s
of consanguineum were found. Most had started to turn yellow, and the
largest one had two leaves-- the only one of the trip. The corm was of
corresponding size, over four inches in diameter.

I'm not sure if 10935 was the large one mentioned. When I oberved them
growing here this summer they were quite different from the run of the mi=ll
consanguineum that is in regular distribution. I should emphasize that
these seeds were from open pollinated plants growing in my garden this
summer. Given the psuedo-apomictic behavior of some consanguineums, my
guess is they should come fairly true.

As for the hybrid, the complete name should be A. (sikokianum x takedae) =X
angustatum v. peninsulae f. variegata. (I hope you can fit it on the
label). The pod parent is from Don Jacob (Eco Gardens), and the pollen
parent is from the Morris Arboretum's collections in China/Korea. I have
made the same cross for two years running now, and am fairly confident of
the purity of the cross, as these were the only two arisaemas blooming at
the time (April?).

As for publicly available notes for the rest of the seeds, I have a copy =of
Craig's spreadsheet with most of the donations. I can annotate it with
pertinent information as it becomes available, and post it to the Arisaem=a
Page (mirrors welcome). (Craig: I know you got some last minute donations=--
did you update the list?)

As so many others have already done, many thanks to Craig for dealing wit=h
these seeds. Believe it or not, I think he counted each and every one of
them, and he claims to still be mentally stable afterwards.

--Roy Herold
N. Reading, MA

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