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Dear all,

I'm just back from my aroid hunting in Central and Northeastern
Brazil and got two great news. Firstly, the seeds of A. dracontium sent
by a my friend Vic Soukup has germinated. I am not 100% sure about it,
but I think that it is the first time that Arisaema leaves touch the
Brazilian air!!! I sowed the seeds 3 months ago and I thought they wouldn='t
survive, because we had a very hot summer here. The seeds was sowed in my
"Eduardo Mix" (1 part Dicksonia fiber, 1 part cork (taken from dead
Cerrado trees) and 3 parts of grinded limestone. The seedlings seems to
be good but let's see how they will behave in their first dormancy. I am
planning to keep a couple of tubers without refrigeration during dormancy
and wait what happens. I will let you know.
The other great new was that the seeds from AEG's distribution also
arrived and they seem pretty well. Thanks, people!!!! (Specially to you,
Craig... what a hard work!). Last year I was one of the few Arisaema
enthusiasts that didn't had any Arisaema. Now I have the biggest
collection in Brazil, with approx. 10 spp!!!! :)  I will keep you
informed about my progress.

Thanks, once again,


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