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Greg Ruckert greg at EZI-LEARN.COM.AU
Sat Aug 29 01:20:00 CEST 1998

Hi Ray et al,

>Since you can open other URLs, try Greg Ruckert's Arisaema Page at
>and then use the link to Roy's Arisaema page.
>Once it opens, bookmark it so you can open it
>directly from the bookmark.

Sorry but this won't work.  Yes, you will be able to get to the AEG site via
my links but you won't be able to bookmark it!  The way the Area pages are
set up, any linked site will appear within a subframe but the address in
your browser will still be for the Areae collection.  Mind you it means you
can visit two great site for the price of one.

This of course may be the reason for some of the confusion and I would like
to clear up a couple of matters.
People have contacted me regarding the AEG newsletter.  While I do publish a
quarterly colour magazine (the first edition is available for all to see on
the web site) it is circulated to members of the "Friends of the Australian
Areae Collection".  While it goes out to many of the AEG members I want to
make it quite clear that I am in no way trying to take over the AEG!  I am
merely a member of the group the same as the rest of you.

Regarding the forthcoming expedition, which has now been brought forward by
a fortnight, seed collected on that trip will only be distributed to members
of the "Friends" who have subscribed to the trip.  A couple of people have
suggested that I should do the right thing and provide seed for this year's
AEG seed exchange.  While seed of progeny of this year's collections will no
doubt find it's way on to the AEG seed exchange in years to come it will not
get there this year.  As it was, last year, most subscribers received seed
of Arisaema wattii (we think) which was basically unknown in cultivation,
but only the full subscribers had access to seed of Arisaema giganteum.
There was only enough seed to meet my own requirements as well as those of
the subscribers.

Greg Ruckert
Australian Areae Collection

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