Advice Needed on Inside Storage of Mature Arisaema Tubers

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Fri Aug 28 19:38:44 CEST 1998

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<<Any advice available on the best method(s) for inside storage of small and
mature Arisaema tubers?  Are the storage requirements different according to
tuber size?


In addition to what Ray has posted, I'd add that I do think the moisture
requirement is different for different size tubers. (I'm talking here mainly
about refrigerated tubers, since I don't lift and store any arisaemas that are
growing outside.)

When I first started pushing arisaemas along by "artificial winters" I was
very fearful about rotting, and refrigerated them in almost dry potting mix
(promix and turface). As time has gone on, I think I've lost many more to
dessication than to rot, particularly the smaller ones. I now moisten the mix
considerably more than I did a year ago, and I don't seem to be having any rot

I use "Glad Bags" without the ziploc, and just roll them loosely. I'm sure
that plenty of oxygen gets in, and the mix does tend to dry out somewhat
during the 3-month "winter".

Rotting would certainly be more of a risk at warmer temperatures, but I'd
still advise more moisture with small tubers.

Jim McClements

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