Tardy Arisaema

Greg Ruckert greg at EZI-LEARN.COM.AU
Sun Aug 16 01:18:56 CEST 1998


>I have one A. tortuosum that emerges and blooms a month later than the
>others. It usually comes up in early August and goes dormant in early
>September. I don't have a clue as to why.

Maybe it thinks it is Australian!
My flowering season is now well and truly under way.

On the matter of Arisaema consanguineum, I have two specimens collected on
last year's trip, also near Dali, but to the South West of the city,
currently in flower.  It also appears stoloniferous.  The "pups" are long
and thin.  After only one growing season they have formed substantial
tubers.  It is a beautiful form with a warm, dark brown top of spathe.

Greg Ruckert
Australian Areae Collection

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