arisaema consanguinem

Tony Avent tony at PLANTDEL.COM
Sat Aug 15 00:27:18 CEST 1998


I know we have about beaten a dead arisaema to death, but I've got another
question about A. consanguineum.  One of the bulbs that we collected in
Dali, China in fall 1996 emerged approximately 10 days ago, and now is in
full flower (August 14).  Other A. consanguineums in the garden emerged and
flowered in mid to late June.  This one is a nice silver centered form,
having formed 5 small plants around the larger bulb, including one 4" from
the main stalk.  If as Guy suggests this species is non-stoloniferous, does
it still offset, and why does it emerge so late. (I haven't dug it to check
for stolons). It did this also last year, but I assumed that it was still
adjusting...not so any more.  Any ideas.
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