Premature germination

McClements, Jim JimMcClem at AOL.COM
Thu Nov 27 03:03:13 CET 1997


Wilbert wrote:

>Hi guys,

>Don't wanna interrupt your pleasure with premature germination, but could
>the curled up "thing" not be the funicle? The funicle is the "umbillical
>cord" in seeds, connecting the developing seed with the placenta. In many
>aroid seeds, this funicle leaves a marked impression in the seed-skin,
>called the raphe. But often enough, the funicle is still present in a fresh
>seed. Maybe I am totally wrong here but it is worth considering.


Not knowing a funicle from a furuncle, I would have to opt for Wilbert's
explanation of the feature found in Roy's seed which he thought might be a
developing radicle, even as the seed was coming off the seedhead.

It seems totally out of character for any seed to start germinating before
being shed, and there doesn't seem to be much question that the Arisaema
berry contains a germination inhibitor, which should at least be effective
until the seed comes out of the berry.

I suppose someone will discount my sweeping generalization  by citing some
kind of plant that sheds seeds that have started to germinate, but I'll be
happy to be enlightened.

Jim McClements

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